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Are you ready to watch the beautiful view of Marmaris from hundreds of feet high? The parasailing activity, which is one of the best activities in Marmaris, is just for you! It is possible to observe the beautiful view where Blue and Green meet together by one person or two people. Thanks to our 20 years parasailing experienced captains and latest technology motor and winch systems, you can safely do this breathtaking parasailing activity.

Parasailing in Marmaris is offered with 800 feet rope length as standard. If you want to go higher, you can get 1,200 feet. Our experienced team will make your journey an unforgettable moment.

Anyone over 3 years old can do parasailing. Children aged 3-18 years can only fly together with an adult. Apart from this there is no limit to the parasailing activity.

Our wonderful photographers come with you on the boat on every turn and capture your Parasailing adventure. We also give you a helmet and an opportunity to record this magnificent view you see with GoPro cameras. If you want, you can purchase photos and GoPro videos taken on CD or SD card at the end of the activity.

If you are in Marmaris, do not leave without trying Parasailing.


If you like speed and adrenaline you should definitely rent a Jet Ski in Marmaris. You can use Seadoo Jet Skis with powerful motor at your own speed, spin and even fly between waves! You will experience  unforgettable moments of your holiday while using this powerful jet ski.

Your safety is our top priority, and while you jet-ride, our safety boat follows you at a safe distance and captures your photos. You can look at your pictures free of charge after the activity is finished, or even buy a CD copy if you wish.


If you want adrenaline, a breathtaking entertainment with lots of laughing, you should definitely try the inflated tubes that are pulled by the boat. For a fun tour without falling into water, Great Big Mable is the most preferred activity of families with children. You can raise your adrenaline level by telling the captan to increase the speed.



Breathtaking entertainment, adrenaline and screaming. If you want to live all of these together, you should try Fly Fish. With Fly Fish It is possible to move fast and enjoy the pleasure of flying. By being the most extreme activity in water sports, Fly Fish requires at least 18 years of age as a limit.



Reat a boat inMarmaris and visit the most beautiful bays of Marmaris, give a swim in a clear and clean bay and enjoy the sun! No license is required to rent a speedboat in Marmaris. If you do not know how to use a boat, our instructors can teach you in a short time or we can provide you a captain free of charge.

Our luxurious and comfortable boats have awnings, anchors and ice boxes as standard. If you are overwhelmed by the sun, you can open the boat and refresh yourself, take a cold drink and enjoy the holiday pleasure in Marmaris’ most beautiful bays.

In accordance with our company’s quality standards, only Yamaha brand motors are used and replaced with a new one each year. Our rental boats have engine options as Yamaha 50 HP (Max 5 People), Yamaha 70 HP (Max 5 People) and Yamaha 115HP (Max 6 People).

If you are a crowded group and want to be on the same boat, our parasailing capacity boat for 12 people with 450 HP inboard engine will serve you the best.


If you want adrenaline, a breathtaking entertainment with lots of laughing, you should definitely try the inflated rafts that are pulled by the boat. It is a classic but legendary water sport choice for crowded groups. The banana boat, which can be ridden with up to 8 people, offers a water drop experience twice a turn.


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