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Fethiye Paragliding


Return: 18:00


On the tour day, our driver will be waiting for you in front of your hotels on the time that you choose. You will be at the take off location after a short drive of 120 minutes. Everyone should have this experience once in their life. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this tour is for you.


Fethiye is a heaven on earth, and that’s not a coincidence.This charming seaside resort showcases a combination of staggeringly turquoise waters, long, a white-sanded shoreline, and emerald-green forests. If you are looking for an activity that will fill you with positive emotions, long lasting memories, and that will boost your adrenaline levels, the Fethiye Paragliding is one of the top options. What makes it even better, is thatwhen joining a Paragliding flight in Fethiye,you can watch this miraculous city and nature from above.


Training &Equipment: The flight takes place at a mountain, just above the beautiful Oludeniz. When you arrive there, you will receive a training by a team of professional paragliding instructors and pilots. During the training, they will explain to you everything you need to know about this activity. The pilots will also provide the necessary equipment, and help you get ready, by attaching your uniform to the one that the pilot wears.



Babadag Mountain: What makes this flight special is, in fact, the location. The starting point is Babadag Mountain, which forms the only area in Europe where you can paraglide from a height over 2000 meters. When ready, you will start running for a few meters until you finally feel like flying. By this moment, expect to feel the first adrenaline boost, and set yourself free to enjoy the magic moments.



Highest Peak: On Babadag Mountain, there are three runways used for paragliding. The first one is at 1700 meters and takes the south wind. It can be used by 20 wings at the same time. The second one is at 1800 meters and the third and favored one is at 2000 meters. Before taking off, your gears will be checked by your trainer in order to be sure about your safety. You will be explained what to do during take off, the process in the air and landing. The only you should do is to enjoy the breathtaking view beneath you on the air. However, you need to be careful as your pilot may perform some drop-offs to surprise you while you are peacefully drafting on the air. After gaining experience, you will also have the chance of going solo, too.


Views: Paragliding is one of the best activities you can join if you seek some stunning panoramic views. During the flight, you can observe the beauty of the infamous Oludeniz, and the turquoise waters washing the white sanded coastline. The bay is surrounded by a lush, green forest that completes the setting. You may also see other people doing paragliding, and of course, the charming Fethiye.


Photos & Videos: You will be the owner of beautiful photos and videos in this event, which you will be accompanied by professional guides and trainers.During the flight, the pilot will be having a camera. Therefore, there is no need to worry about missing a moment. The pilot will be taking videos and photos of you, and of the whole experience. You may preview and purchase these photos by the end of the flight.

Blue Lagon ( Ölüdeniz Plajı)

After the Paragliding event in Fethiye, 2 hours of free time will be given at Ölüdeniz Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


– For lovers of Turkey and Turkish culture
– Gourmets
– Fans of Turkish series
– Girls dreaming of meeting their betrothed ❤


Comfortable clothes, good mood and a lot of free memory on your phone!


Familiarize yourself with the program and book a place on the tour by writing to me in direct

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