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RETURN: 18:00


Rhodes Island belongs to Greece and is a historical island 45 minutes away from Marmaris by catamaran. If you want to see a second country in a holiday, this trip is for you. Marmaris Rhodes Trip offers you a unique opportunity to visit Greece from Marmaris and return the same day! To enjoy the day, we start our tour at 08:30 and last until 18:00. We are making the necessary arrangements to return to Marmaris. With a valid Schengen Visa, you can enter the Rhodes Islands directly from Marmaris. We deliver you to Rhodes by sea as soon as possible.

Rhodes Island & Historical Sites
Rhodes is an incredibly beautiful island city of historical importance. It has many attractions and lots of local shops. Historical sites on the island include St Paul’s Church, the Temple of Aphrodite, the Freedom Gate, the Museums and the Grand President’s Palace. When you reach Rhodes, you will have about five hours of free time to wander around the island, explore the city and buy souvenirs from interesting local shops. Local restaurants offer the best food you will ever taste in this part of the world. However, prices are slightly more expensive compared to Turkey.

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