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If you are leaving Marmaris without enjoying its vibrant nightlife, you are missing a truly great experience! Graceful live performances are an integral part of most Turkish Nights. In Marmaris Turkish Night Show you can see artists playing music, dancing and the participants enjoying the evening festivities with great enthusiasm. Turkish belly-dancers, folklore musicians and dancers from Anatolia add more color and fervor to our show. Visitors can enjoy the entertainment as they are served with Turkish cuisines also unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during our show.

hese trips begin with picking you up from your hotel at about 19:30 pm.The tour fee includes the pick-up and drop-back services, entertainment, dinner and unlimited soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks like beer and wine. You arrive at Kervansaray about 20:00 pm, where live performances are about to begin. The show begins as the Turkish folk dancers enter the stage and give a beautiful dance presentation. The waiters in the show serve you the main course made of chicken and rice, unlimited alcoholic and soft drinks and appetizers.


The traditional dancers dressed as brides in beautiful red dress dance in the center of the stage. Grooms also dance and perform various feats to impress their brides. After this enactment, all the guests are invited to the stage and join them to dance. You can enjoy many such folk dance presentations during each night trip. After this, the belly-dancers arrive on the stage.

They give a breathtaking performance and mesmerize everyone present there. They move about all the places in the restaurant and pick one man at a time to dance with her. It is very entertaining to watch how men try to learn the secrets of belly dancing from them. Following this, the party comes to an end after the fire dance and the drum show. You are taken back to your hotel at about midnight but we bet you will continue the show in your dreams and remember this exciting experience for long!

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